Playing around with makeup and trying to create different, quirky looks is apparently what my friend Alefyah and I do best. Unsurprisingly, this weekend was no exception. With our two makeup collections combined and screen-shotted inspo from Instagram in hand, we started to recreate some of our favourite looks. Here are the results!

Our first look was minimalism, with a killer red lip. The key is opting for dewy skin, soft brows and a few coats of mascara only, to then let the lips take centre stage and grab all of the attention. This look is perfect for the summer, when you don't want to be wearing too much makeup, because of the heat, but still want to be looking good. Tie it in with a red bodysuit, like this one from Zara and you're on to a winner!

Our next, rather bold look, was inspired by Astrid Olsen, a brilliant YouTuber whose video you can find here. It features knockout red eyes and eyebrows, atop of a natural and glowing complexion. To create the wings and brows, we actually used a mixture of lip products and eyeshadows, which helped with achieving the high pigmentation. Of course, this is not a look for the fainthearted, but if you're ever feeling bold, this would be perfect for a night out, to add a dash of colour and fun to any outfit.

The third look is a fiery glitter eye, paired with a brown-toned nude lip. To achieve this sparkly flutter, cover your eyelids in glitter glue (or Vaseline, which works just as well) and pack on your own cocktail of different glitter colours (we used orange, red and gold). Yet another standout look for a night out, that will catch all the lights, in all the right ways.

Last but not least, we have a darker look, featuring glitter lashes and a black lip. For this one, dust glitter in all the areas that you would normally highlight, and run some Vaseline through your lashes to secure the glitter on to them too. Then, apply some matte black lipstick and you're good to go! In my opinion, this is probably the most versatile of the looks - works for the night and day (if you're feeling particularly funky).

So there you have it - four offbeat and daring looks to try out. Whether you're at a festival, a party, or just an ordinary day out - you sure will be sparkling. 
Hopefully you found this at least a bit inspiring and if you try any of the looks out, do let me know!

All the looks were beautifully modelled by Alefyah, who you can find here.
All the photos were taken and edited by me. 

Thank you for reading, and until next time!

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